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Latin America’s largest festival of cuisine has a set date. Mistura 2017 will be happening in Lima from 7th to 17th September. This year the main theme is “the distinct regional cookery”



What is Mistura?

Mistura is the most important culinary festival in Latin America and for Peruvians it is a significant cultural event, where everyone overcomes their differences to gather together and celebrate the nation’s rich culinary tradition and staggering biodiversity, thereby solidifying national identity.


It’s ten days full of flavour and colour in which varied and delicious culinary traditions are celebrated to the rhythm of dances and folk music from throughout Peru, in the style of the nation’s traditional folk festivals. The spirit of Mistura brings together locals and visitors alike in a friendly party atmosphere.

Here are gathered participants from all links in the productive process of Peruvian cuisine: small farmers, chefs, bakers, sweet makers, waiters, restaurants, gastronomy schools, diners, among others. The common purpose is to appreciate Peruvian food and the biodiversity from which it arises.


None of this would be possible without the ongoing efforts of small peasant farmers, who in their close relationship with the Pachamama (Mother Earth) have for centuries worked within specialized climatic and geographic niches to provide the great variety of products that are on display in the Grand Market.

To this base is added the generous contributions of the different regional cuisines, as well as the influences brought from European, Arabian, Chinese, Japanese and African kitchens, creating through this confluence one of the world’s most delicious and varied cuisines.


What will we visit?


The Grand Market

Peru’s rich biodiversity merits a special setting, and this is provided by the Grand Market, a space where the farmers and producers of the different regions of Peru come together to showcase the fruits of the Pachamama (Mother Earth). More than 250 producers from the coast, sierra and jungle regions display their wares.


The Bazaar

The latest articles, products and accessories for the kitchen and home are on display in the Bazaar. Take a stroll through the lively and colourful spaces – not to be missed!


In this setting the best-known brands of Peru offer original and useful kitchen products at marked-down prices. If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, this is the place to go. In addition, the most important gastronomy schools provide information about their courses and professional careers.


The Bakery Stand

This is the spot preferred by those who arrive early to the fair – the largest and most diverse bakery in the country. Here are gathered bakers from all parts of Peru, to prepare and bake more than 50 varieties of bread, including breads made with potato, aniseed, wheat, sugar cane, camote (sweet potato), huacatay (an Andean herb), and cheese - a complete delight for bread lovers.


The Chocolate Stand

Peru’s cocoa dazzles the whole world and can’t be missed at an International culinary event such as Mistura. As they have in past years, producers from cocoa-growing zones will be present at Mistura to add flavour to the fair with their products and derivatives.


The Pisco and Coffee Salon

This space provides the chance to sample, savour and perceive subtle aromas, as well as receiving master classes to learn to recognize the properties of the different grape varieties that are used in making Peru’s flagship liquor: pisco.


Visitors will find here the largest and most diverse selection of Peruvian pisco, as well as classic and original cocktails prepared by the best bartenders in Peru. Also on display are a range of Peruvian coffees, giving coffee lovers the opportunity to sample the most select and exquisite varieties form the coffee-growing regions of Peru.

Let’s Go to Mistura 2017!

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Let’s Go to Mistura 2017!

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