About Us

Tours Gourmet was established in May 2013 and is managed by Richard Cateriano, Lizbet Junco Cabrera and Hugo Centi Cabrera. Our tour guides will help you get to know the traditional food of Peru better.  We will show you the most important and the most interesting things of Peru and thereby we want to provide you a special food experience. Important for us is that you not only try the traditional food like Ceviche, Cuy (guinea pig) and Lomo Saltado, but also learn how to prepare this dishes. 

Hugo Centi Cabrera

Hugo is the operations manager of Gourmet Tour Peru and one of the cornerstones of the business. He lived in Switzerland for three years, which has helped him speak several languages. He studied tourism in Arequipa and has many years of experience as a tour guide in South America. Hugo has a very friendly and relaxed personality and has a knack of putting people at ease. Together with Lizbeth he founded the South America Tour agency in 2004.

Thanks to his experience as a guide and in-depth knowledge of the Andean world, Hugo is sought after as a tour leader and has guided expeditions and documentary projects including those organised by BBC Television, CCTV Television (China), Cristóbal de Acuña 2006 TVE Expedition (Spain), Petrobras (Brazil), Red Globo Television (Brazil), RW Cine Channel (Brazil) and the Source of the Amazon scientific expedition (Brazil).

Lizbeth Junco Cabrera

Lizbeth is the manager of the agency and direct coordinator of the tours. She has great attention to detail but is also relaxed and cheerful. She has a degree in tourism from the San Agustin University in Arequipa and she speaks good English. Lizbeth lived for many years in the Colca Valley and has intimate knowledge of geography and culture from her extensive travel experience. Always happy to share information, Lizbeth is a key leader in our team.

Lucie Lefèvre

Lucie is a student of international business with a major in tourism. She is enthusiastic and very professional in her work. She speaks French, English and Spanish – as well as being our sales representative for the francophone market, she is the official agency translator.